Musings & Tidbits

First off, let me apologize for my horrible photos lately. We lost our camera charger at Christmastime and I’ve had to use my cell phone since. There’s a replacement in the mail, though!

For this project, we first placed a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave and the kids watched it expand (Well, as best they could. Our microwave is mounted pretty high in our kitchen!). It was really neat to see. Within two minutes, it grew into a giant cloud of white, filling the microwave! I’d thought I would just place it on the microwave tray and remove it after, but it expanded much larger so I’d suggest using an actual large plate and planning to clean the microwave afterward!

The girls had fun touching the “cloud” and we talked about how it felt and smelled. They had a blast manipulating it, but it flaked quite a lot so next time I’d put it on the floor or a table with a table cloth… something easier to clean up! I ended up vacuuming up what we couldn’t easily scoop back into a Tupperware container by hand.

Since I didn’t want to waste what we’d made, after lunch I separated some of it into small containers and added a few drops of food coloring and a bit of water and stirred it up. It made for a great finger paint and the girls’ art was really beautiful!

Finally, with what remained, I again added food coloring and water and my daughter got several nights worth of bathtub paint, which she adored! She painted all over the tub, herself and daddy. And hey, it’s soap, right?

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